Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I'll begin with a look at hussein chalayan's current collection, a more wearable collection than some of his past offerings I think...but not for the reasons you might think...
I am championing his colour palette actually, as opposed to the physically impractical nature of say, the table skirt or the envelope dress.

What interests me most about these particular chalayan pieces is the cardboard cut out feel about them, with the front part a separate pattern piece, hanging foward of the initial jacket.

For my first project at university, my final piece works on a simillar premise, though the inspirations behind both are vastly different.
The reinforced white felt hangs loose, deconstructing the usual bodice shape.

i wanted to make it look like a deconstructed version of a regular bodice shape..a little like ideas seen in haider ackermann's spring 2011 rtw collection

let me know what you think about this garment or where I could have revised shapes or details...

I will give you some details as to what inspired this garment soon


Here are some other examples of deconstruction (or if you like, reconstruction) with maison martin margiela's current...

And a little about me:
I have just begun my first year of fashion womenswear at central saint martins, and have just completed the white project, which you saw above...I am now starting the colour project, lasting two weeks and will then do a pattern project for 2 weeks also (let me know if you would like the brief to get an idea of what we the projects are often repeated...), taking me up to the last day which seees the white show, a showcase of all the students white projects! should be very exciting

I will try to regularly update you with interesting images, current projects and random inspiration, and i'll be adding themes that i invite you to use in your own projects if you ever get stuck for ideas...

thanks for reading!

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