Tuesday, 21 December 2010

tron legacy x opening ceremony neoprene boots...

aaaall amaazing, but if truth be told i think the black ones are the best!
and im not one of those that normally just opts for the black version...but if you look at all four colours from different views the black reaallly strikes me as the loveliest...

i had originally thought blue would be nice but theres something quite clunky about this (already quuite clunky!) shoe...and i would never have gone for yellow anyway

the orange is awesome but my heart lies with black!

my favourite...just a pity they cost over $300!


Monday, 20 December 2010

what i have worn over the years...

some good, some bad outfits...

these pics are, i guess, subconsciously an indicator of the sorts of things i wear..they're not of times when i have particularly thought about what i'm wearing..they're just the only pics of me showing outfits I could really find (NO CAMERA, SEE)..my style has also vastly changed since these pics were taken (some over two years ago!)

i know its bad but sometimes i will just throw things on without looking in the mirror.. i kind of like to wear things that look good from my point of view (ie. looking down at myself! haaahaa ha) and that make me feel good..my silhouette almost always resembles a sack of potatoes but i really couldn't give an efffing great foook!
this is me last winter..it was bloody cold...i did NOT enjoy it one bit, despite looking perfectly happy in the photo above..

i joke, of course! ..but im the type of person that has been known to wear a cardi in the south of france mid summer!! 
somewhere deep underneath, is me in my favourite scarf/shawl come picnic blanket!

and this is me in the summer..me and my friend tabitha LOVE the bright prints, we do!
a night out that got ABIT messy..but heres the clothes i wore!
another night...another loud shirt...
(..and thats my boyf, calo's daddy!)
a few feathers (above) and abit of fringing (below)
as you can see i wear some strrraaange things, like the jeans above, but i love it!
these were my favourite leggings for a while...
see! i managed to scrub up quite well here, contrary to every single other photo!!
i love these vans with the bright red sole...i really wanted some with either the blue or green sole!
look at these amaaazing green velvet doc martens i got form a...CHARITY SHOP...for only £10!
expensive for charity, but not for docs!
not afraid to look ridiculous ATALL! actually i didn't wear this out, me and my friends were just fooling around...


and this is what my son calo has worn over the years (his three years)!
calo INSISTED we both wear these hats for the duration of the visit to his grandparents'!!


it'll be cool to start doing day-to-day outfit posts for you when i finally get a camera..of times when i am actually looking my best for university/going out/etc..

what crazy things are you wearing at the mo?

thanks for reading!
post soon, eveveve