Tuesday, 21 December 2010

tron legacy x opening ceremony neoprene boots...

aaaall amaazing, but if truth be told i think the black ones are the best!
and im not one of those that normally just opts for the black version...but if you look at all four colours from different views the black reaallly strikes me as the loveliest...

i had originally thought blue would be nice but theres something quite clunky about this (already quuite clunky!) shoe...and i would never have gone for yellow anyway

the orange is awesome but my heart lies with black!

my favourite...just a pity they cost over $300!



  1. Crazy! too cool!


  2. hahaha!! I totally know what u mean about the awkward teen phase mine lasted until i was 27 hahaha now i'm almost 30 and i'm just getting up enough confidence to study fashion after all this time!! I just hope i'm not the oldest one at college when/if i get in! u can be self conscious about ur baby body (which seems really nice to me) and i can be self conscious about being an oldie xx what are u and ur boy and calo doing for chrissie? I am doing the 2 families in one day thing phew!! craziness
    luv ya
    p.s. those shoes remind me of how much i love wetsuit material/neoprene or whatever it's called i sooo want to make cool folded shorts out of it. I am such an obsessed shorts designer. All i ever want to do is design shorts and put it on a model topless or just with a bra hahaha I always come up with heaps of shorts ideas but really struggle with tops. what is ur most favourite thing to design? although you are no doubt fabuloso at all xx