Thursday, 13 January 2011

prints for my shirt/balenciaga project...

I am currently doing a shirt project which involves taking a designer and doing a shirt 'in-the-style -of'...i chose nicholas ghesquiere (balenciaga) and these balenciaga dresses inspired the following print designs..

i will use the print above on the bust area (cut down the print to just two symmetrical shapes, and then apply to the boob area..)

the above prints remind me of antique rugs...

i will also apply the above image to the bust area...they already look like boobs anyway!


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  1. beautiful beautiful! so ghesquiere especially the inclusion of the fluoro yellow he is such a fan of the fluoro vibe. I really like the final two they remind be of antique jewelry. You are so tempting me more and more to do print instead of fashion but i'm still too obsessed with embellishments to do just print. I really think you've made the right decision coz ur so talented in the area of print. xx
    Yes about mum she is in australia although she was born in uk she's been out here since she was 10 so no help i'm afraid but that just makes it more exciting.
    hopefully today i'm going to do some illustration finally.. i've got the day off work :) wooooo
    p.s. love ur blog facelift :)