Monday, 17 January 2011

JULIE BLACKMON (makes me think of backgammon)....



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  2. hey eeevvvvveeesss sorry i deleted the other comment because the links disappeared!! so i'll try again...
    I found some links for you to distract you from study (hahaha sorry)
    these images are coz i thought of ur vibrant prints that you love to do:
    This one is because it reminded me of ur new blog look with the whole prismy thing and the scratchy photo look i thought u might want to use it for ur background or whatever
    also have you gone/are you going to see the jap fashion exhibition at the barbican?
    i wish i was over there so i could go!! it looks mad
    hows ur project? hope u aren't too stressed. Did u tell ur teachers that u want to change to print? oh yeah you have to tell me how it goes with the digital printed designs that you did because i've never actually got anything digitally printed before. I would love to hear how it went/how it all works

  3. These remind me of that woman who was in the news for letting her little boy play alone by the pool while she was on the computer. I forget the details, but the boy died.

    Or maybe they're pointing out the fact that adults are always preoccupied with pointless things while kids are still curious and adventurous.

    Hmm, I'm startin' to get ideas of my own. ;)