Monday, 17 January 2011


WOW. So you guys may not necessarily like these, but i certainly do!!..Can you believe the painting talent on her??


  1. check out:
    too bad its too late to use these sketches as inspiration for your balenciaga!

    p.s. those octopus girls are totally freaky. Even thought it's not totally my thing I really respect an artists ability to totally gross you out due to their hyper realism. You can just feel the goo covering everything in those middle four pics mmm goooobyness grooooosssssssss!!!

  2. I think these paintings are fucking unbelievable! Unlike nothing I've ever seen before! I can't stop looking, trying to determine what's what and who's is who's! I fucking LOVE it!
    Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing artist!

  3. Wow, I really thought a couple of these were photos at first glance. Unbelievable. They definitely leave you curious as to what goes through a person's mind when creating such a thing.

    I love your new layout. :)

  4. Come here from Malaysia

    missed u so much!! i figured u must be pretty busy with the most crazy intense fashion course in the world so i forgive he he xxx things are good with me how about u did u change to print? so excited about moving over there. I'm applying next January for entry to st martins i'm still a bit iffy about what my portfolio is actually meant to have in it but i'm just ignoring that for the moment and patternmaking my sleeve cascade dress. so fun!! hope ur shirt turned out mad i'm sure it would have!! so excited to hear from u i've been looking at places in bethnal green like u said and we got our dog vaccinated the other day so she can come :) xxx hope u and calo are good and ur man too.
    x x x x x x x x x x x loooootttttsss of kisses

  6. Hey I'm so glad ur happy with ur decision about the print thing. It's kinda good for me now I can fleece you for info about the course hehehe!! We are aiming to be there Nov Dec (English Christmas!!) can't wait! I am putting my "travelling/journey" folio ideas together at the moment so I can hand it in in January when I get there. I'm thinking of doing "where we are all travelling/journeying to as a civilisation" ie is it towards destruction or sustainability...... I was thinking of taking inspiration from degradation of environment and also dust and ash like "ashes to ashes" etc. (maybe burning fabrics to see what they do?!) Sounds a bit weird but I'm sort of excited about it. What do you think of that idea? be harsh I totally don't mind :)
    I would love to know what ur working on at the moment sooooooo much! DUDE i agree with you the actual sewing/construction part sucks hey?! it will be good when ur famous then u can just get the plebs to sew ur awesome design up for you :)
    My dress has taken a bit of a different turn as I taught myself how to patternmake drop armhole stuff (as is the trend - i am really obsessed with drop armhole) so i dropped the armholes on the dress and gave it a deep plain v-neck. but still doing the underneath skirt with all the sleeves hanging down. I will send u photos of my toile over the e-mail so u can see (when i get it right that is...) So funny I jump all over the place from one idea to the next and have a hundred unfinished things ... my sewing room looks like a total schitzo went in there and flailed around all over the place (embarrassment)
    xxxx so goo to hear from u WAAAAAYYYY!!! i know u must be so busy!
    kisses to u and ur little cute fam