Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Guess the fuck what??

If you're a lame-o like me, you'll be excited to find that many asian ebay shops are selling cheap knockoffs of both these designer shoe styles.... haaaa not a real cow in sight, producing these PLEATHER bad boyssss!

The colour combinations seen on the fakes do not exist for the designer versions...so i'm pretty hopeful and confident that they're definitely the actual product (and not photos of the designer original, hoping to mislead us into buying em, as can be the way with ebay..)
anyway you can see they're fake leather quite clearly in the photos above...

...and here are the originals...by Peter Jensen and prada...

You may be wondering how I, as a designer, can support such outright fakery but when they're this good, of shoes so coverted, for such little money (listen up! they cost between £24 and £34!!!)..why not.
I mean seriously...guess the fake?? its pretty hard.

If you want further details of specific shops...i'll be happy to advise loves...

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