Friday, 13 May 2011

Read yourself...happy?

Very much like these hook-lines you might see in self-help books (such as 'read yourself thin' or 'think skinny')......I have found that reading synonyms for calming words really helps me de-stress...ok look, whilst I have no problem admitting that one of my favourite books is in fact the thesaurus, you might think this is a little strange...but here, try it and see...

Peace, calm, serenity, contentment, composure, harmony, lull, placidity, concilation, relaxation, reserve, stillness, tranquility, armistice...

What did it make you feel? hmmmmm...peaceful, perhaps???
Good for stress and negativity (provided you hit up the antonyms of 'stress' and 'negativity' of course!!)

But regardless, I woke up far calmer than normal..(i.e. BEFORE I read the thesaurus hahhaaaaha!)
So why do I feel so calm today?? My work, worries, debts and regrets pile as high as they have ever been and yet I feel unusually calm...This is certainly saying something, normally I am an extremely highly strung/cynical/depressive(!) individual.
Today though, I feel.. good. Euphoric, even.

Euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, enthusiasm, elation, jubilation, intoxication, fervor, delirium, delight, rapture, rhapsody...

I wonder if looking up 'hype', to get hyped for a big night out, or 'confidence', for any aspect of life or performance (or both if you consider them one and the same) would work? I have a feeling it would.
...For me anyway.

'Elation, jubilation and intoxication' has a marvellous ring to it, don't you think? ...Especially the intoxication part.

...And here are the songs that never fail to make me feel euphoric...

Peace, my friends x

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