Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lucas Chimello Simões

i prefer works 3 and 4 really, but just gives a greater insight into the artists work...


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  1. gday!!!!!! thanks for leaving me a message about csm I am quite in the dark over here in australia about it. The only thing i've ever been told is that I would never get in :) ha ha ha ur site is mad btw looking forward to seeing more of ur inspiring stuff. totally love the freaky awesomness of lucas simoes pretty insane! yes i was going to apply for next sept but my father in law is really sick so i might have to put it off until the year after. not sure at the moment. I hope u don't mind me asking u questions about the csm course? do they teach sewing and patternmaking in the course or do they assume you are already a master? I've only done a little bit of patternmaking... I did half a year this year in a ba course over here and i didn't like it as it was too commercial minded not really creative and fun. I really want to push myself but don't want to be in over my head. I'll be going from the top of my classes over here to the bottom over there which i would be so happy about after all that's how you learn !! :) you've given me hope of actually getting in so thankyou!! hope we can be internet buddies :) hahaha how lame is that!
    luv ur design work/toiles below. u r totally amazing xxxxxx
    sorry about the longest comment in history!!!!!!