Wednesday, 1 December 2010

THIS shit is real!

NASA Hubble Space Telescope photographs ...this shit is real!!

which, incidently, is a really interesting looking blog...


  1. seriously you are like the nicest person in the word!!! also ur images are totally insane!! the hubble telescope stuff is amazing. And really love the red face pic it reminds me of topographic map contour lines. When people draw using interesting techniques it is soooo good. u should check out there's alot of sculpture in there but the illustrations are what i love the most xxxx
    u r a legend :)

  2. yeah i totally agree about the symmetry thing i love designers who do asymmetry really well and the whole nonchalence thing. i love how viv westwood does the wrapping random pieces of fabric around including picnic blankets etc ha ha she is craaazy xxx i'm trying to push my designs to be a bit more relaxed like that instead of so formal i'm hoping the thing with the ship sails and rope will do it. steven meisel is so good at it have you seen the "wild is the wind" shoot? and the "performace" shoot soooo good its crazy how good his shoots are he must be like 100 years old by now..
    xxx winnsome