Monday, 13 December 2010

hiya everyone...
hope all's well with you!

lets look at some
'delightful' menswear by Non.

and then i hope you don't mind if i
chuck some randoms your way...

so that i can finally lead you all into
my NEW PROJECT for saint martins!
aaaaargh soo excited! !!

 soo beautiful, see more at

and now for some randoms...
i just thought these images were rather cool, unfortunatley i sourced them aages ago so have no idea who they're by... 
theyre by zeitguised! see my links...
the second one reminds me of a crabstick..forgive me if you have no idea what on earth i'm gabbing on about! :)

...finally, as i am currently at central saint martins doing fashion, i would like to offer any help advice about csm, the course or any of the projects i have completed (the white project, colour project and print project) feel free to ask...maybe you are thinking about applying or even just interested to know what we get up to...

my new project, to start over the christmas holidays, is the shirt project which, like the white project, has been going for many years so it is a likely project for next year... soo here it is, the SHIRT PROJECT brief:

Design and make a shirt for a specific market/customer ...(this involves designing the shirt in the style of a particular designer/or that would appeal to a certain market or style genre. for example, i am choosing either balenciaga or mary katrantzou)

*research must cover the history of the shirt AND your chosen market/designer

*make it work as an item on its own, for the designers showroom

*pay attention to classic shirt details, both historic and contemporary:
(collar, front fastening, cuffs, yoke, pockets, plackets, darts, seam shaping, topstaitching, shirt tails/side gussets, back pleat, ruffle/contrast fabric fronts)

*NOTE: the shirt must have a collar, collar stand, placket, cuffs and buttonholes.

work required for tutorial:
*rough designs

work required for critique/deadline:
*illustrate (to portfolio standard) the final piece, showing how it will be worn
*have a finished garment worn by a model
*make a display/package suitable for chosen market/designer
*submit research books, scrap books and design books

hope you find that of use, or just at least, a little bit interesting?? and if you have any questions whatsoever, i'm all ears!!


  1. wow sounds mad! the shirt project !!! will u use print?? :) I swear i've seen those images before. If I remember where i'll let you know. xxx Looking forward to seeing ur shirt!! can you style the shirt with other designer's garments ie pants/skirt or do you have to design and make the pants/skirt as well?

  2. oh and almost forgot... DO BALENCIAGA!!!!!! maaaaan even just ss09 (one of my faves) has so much siiick shirt detailing vibes u could spend forever getting inspired from just that one collection. aaahh the quilted organza thing he does... nicky is a genius ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !