Sunday, 12 December 2010

i absolutely love you!


  1. I LOVE TTTOOOOOOOOOO! <3 great find :)


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog. It's a pity you've never been to Paris - I'm sure you'll love it.
    I hope we'll keep in touch in future.
    P.S.: The crystal/bullet necklace! I've been dreaming about it for ages!

  3. ahh yes changing to print.... At the beginning of the year this year i was thinking of doing the exact same thing. I am completely in love with digital prints too. It's all mcqueen's fault.... what do u think of Mary Katranzou ss11? Who would think lampshades as skirts could be so appealing? I'm pretty excited to see what she comes up with next season as she seems pretty masterful with the digital printing. the change to print sounds awesome for you as it doesn't seem as restrictive as straight out fashion (I can tell u are like me and like to be free to experiment heaps) I'm still deciding myself about whether to do print so u can let me know how it is. :) I love screen printing too it's so exciting working with different fabrics and inks. We did a bit of screen printing this year and one of the assignments was exploring different textures and I was printing through mesh and onto velvet and stuff it was sooooo fun!! I should post up my photos of the samples I did so u can see them. I used so much puff ink hahaha I wen't through a fluoro yellow puff ink phase!!
    The 'christmas cucumber cocktail' I just kind of make it up as i go along but for 1 person I am guessing:
    1/2 cucumber peeled
    5 lychees peeled and seeded
    shot peach schnapps
    shot citrus vodka
    whizz all up in a blender and there you have it mmmm cucumbery goodness.
    I can't stop thinking about digital printing now... I have this chunky raw silk which is really thick and rough textured. I'm wondering how it would look with digital print on top. have you seen any examples of digital printing done on rough surfaces? I've only seen it done on smooth fabrics... I hope it can work?!
    luv ya xx u always make me get more excited and creative so THANKS!!!

  4. yes me and the boy will both move over there. we've been looking forward to it for AGES! My mum was born in the UK so we can stay over as long as we want (maybe forever)..... I always wanted to live overseas as I'm not much of a "typical aussie" hahah yes I promise tonight i'll post up my fabric samples from print for u to see. I'm crossing my fingers you'll make the right decision and have more freedom!! xxxx

  5. Who gave you the Prada shoes!!!
    Love them!

    Come ti my blog, and meet SANABRA the lovely san