Tuesday, 14 December 2010

look at this sexy collection by ana locking...it is inspired by the body's innards and combines my two favourite things: digital print and stiff silks...the bottom pics are kinda mcqueen reminiscent don't you think??

^^^this jacket is my fave!^^^

^^^i love how the torso and man parts^^^
are sort of highlighted...
or maybeee thats just me, haahaa!

^^^love abit of random harnessing^^^

^^^blimey! they look like the walking dead...^^^
but alot less blue and..errr dead...

for some reason i am loving the menswear much more than the womenswear... i would totally wear the sh*t out of those red-blood cell jackets... damn cool i say... the dresses are gorgeous though dont get me wrong!

but i have to say, her collections slightly puzzle me... of the strong designs you see above, there are just as many bland and blah garments, within the SAME collection...
i think she needs to think about editing to only the best in future collections...
if you take a look at www.analocking.com you will see what i mean...

...or do you disagree??

on the whole though, lovely clothes!


  1. evieeeeeeee!!!! i totally agree with all!! The ana locking menswear is awesome. It does remind me of mcqueen especially the womenswear ss09 jewell prints. I know what you mean about wanting to wear the menswear stuff- The aw10 mcqueen menswear is just as tempting for me - all those ropes..... I would love one of the jacketsmmmm
    I didn't know u liked the stiff silks. I have bought 2m of this really amazing stiff shot silk which has no slubs in it and it is shot with mint and grey. if it wasn't $70/m i would have bought more :( fabric is so expensive!!
    I love harnessing too I especially like those really thin necklace/chain things that wrap around the body like a harness eg blisslau Also i'm really into the whole wearing a bra-top/corset over a shirt thing at the moment.
    TOTALLY agree about designers editing their collections. I think I would be the opposite and be too hard on my collection and end up with only 5 looks and everyone will be like....is that it??!! I think the newer designers get the pressure to be like the big names and put 40 to 50 looks down the runway but I think they should just chill out and be ok with just 20 looks and just have live music, beer or something to entertain the audience for the rest of the time. hahaha I am such an alco all I think about is beer!!
    If ur sis is lonely she should give me a ring 0449627696 :)
    I keep thinking about u changing to print and it's really making me think about whether I would be happier doing that too!? I'm so into art and colour and texture etc it's really hard to decide hey?! I see what u mean about doing mary for the shirt thing it might lead you into the print course better. plus how mad would it be to do a digital print shirt?! you would so be able to wear it afterwards. freebie clothes!
    xxx love talking to u

  2. oh yeah and that last pic on my post with the water illusion is dali. I am really getting into his less well known stuff too (like the other one with the ship tied to the woman's shoulders) and also love 'the temptation of st anthony' - so much cool distortion. I totally love escher too. My friend is a maths teacher and her school is painting a maths mural (suuuper nerdy haha) and they are painting in heaps of cool escher stuff and optical illusions. My fave escher is 'bond of union' coz it reminds me of me and stan :) (you are always an artist after my own heart evie) xx